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Compact Sager Bilateral

Size Guidelines: Sager Form III Series will fit patients ranging from a four-year-old to an adult well over 2m (7 feet) in height. With the Sager’s unique design the patient’s weight is not a problem in application. For infants and children the Sager Infant Bilateral Emergency Traction Splint will fit patients ranging in size from an infant to children six (6) years of age.

Building on all of the elements of the Sager Form III Series, the Sager SX404 Compact Bilateral is both compact and when applied is radio-lucent to all areas of a femoral fracture. The radio lucent design enables Xrays and Catscans to be taken without removing the splint. Compact, robust and light weight – it is easily stored or carried in most backpacks. Folds into a 13.75”x10.75”x 4.25” carry case. 

The SX404 treats single or bilateral leg proximal third and mid-shaft fractures. Like all Sager Emergency Traction Splints, it features gentle, quantifiable, dynamic traction. ™ Sager Splints automatically permit the graded reduction of the traction force as the muscle spasm decreases and the leg length increases. The quantifiable feature of the device enables First Responders to document the exact amount of traction applied.

Sager splints also feature straight in-line traction application – medial to the injured femur. Placement ensures an anatomically correct point of counter-traction. They can be applied in any position, allowing the patient to be nursed in any position. Sager Splints also permits movement and lifting of the patient without loss of traction. Stays within the body silhouette – does not extend beyond the feet of an adult. Eliminates transport complications in helicopters, fixed wing aircraft. If the patient fits in a stokes basket – the Sager SX404 fits!

Universal (fits 5th to 99th percentile of patients), rapid, one-person application. Comes complete with all accessories required for use. Composite plastic construction.


Caution: Sager Emergency Traction Splints are just that – short-term emergency traction devices for use at the scene of an accident and while transporting the patient for more definitive care. Prolonged use of any traction device can cause pressure sores and/or other medical problems. If prolonged use is unavoidable, the splint contact areas should be monitored frequently and reduced traction and/or no traction and/or repositioning of the device should be considered. Please refer to local/state/federal splinting protocols for definitive guidance.

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