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Sager Instructor’s Package, Components and Parts List

Sunmedica Inc is pleased to partner with EMS Instructor’s by providing you with the Sager Instructor’s Manual. The manual is free to download, and provides detailed training and lecture guidelines on a range of topics including the anatomy of physiology of fractures, application and student exams/certificates. Student handouts are available for download too


MKF Brochure


Sager Instructors Manual

SEFRS Instructors Manual​

Basic Components and Parts List

⦁ 1.   Ischial Perineal Cushion; Cat. No S324 (Models S301, S304, SX404)
⦁ 2.   Abductor Bridle; Cat. No. S357 (Models S301, S304, SX404)
⦁ 3.   Ischial Perineal Cushion; Cat. No. S320 (Model S300)
⦁ 4.   Abductor Bridle; Cat. No. S321 (Model S300)
⦁ 5.   Tensor Cravat Kit; Cat. No. TC304 (Model S304), TC404 (Model SX404)
⦁ 6.   Tensor Cravat Kit; Cat. No. TC300 (Model S300), TC301 (Model S301)
⦁ 7.   Carry Case; Cat No. S323 (Models S301, S304 – Blue, not shown here)
⦁ 8.   Carry Case; Cat. No. S318 (Model S300 – Blue, not shown here)
⦁ 9.   Carry Case; Cat. No. SX417 (Model SX404 – Black, not shown here)
⦁ 10. Pedal Pinion; Cat. No. S345 (Model S301, S304, SX404)
⦁ 11. Pedal Pinion; Cat. No. S319 (Model S300 – not shown here)
⦁ 12. Malleolar Harness Set; Cat. No. S316 (1 ea. right, 1 ea. left) Model S300 only
⦁ 13. Malleolar Harness Set; Cat. No. S344 (1 ea. right, 1 ea. left) Model S304, S404, S405)
⦁ 14. Malleolar Harness, Cat. No. S342 (plain) Model S301 only
For a more detail parts list please click on the Sager User’s Handbook – available on each product page

Product Models

⦁ Model S300-1; Super Sager Combo Pac 1 (1 ea S300 and 1 ea S301 – stored in single carry case)
⦁ Model S300-4; Super Sager Combo Pac 2 (1 ea S300 and 1 ea S304 – stored in single carry case) Shown above 
⦁ Model S300; Sager Infant Bilateral
⦁ Model S301; Sager Form III Single
⦁ Model S304; Sager Form III Bilateral
⦁ Model SX404; Sager Compact Bilateral
⦁ Model SX405; SEFRS (Sager Emergency Fracture Response System) 
⦁ Model B1-1; Sunmedica Breakaway Flat
⦁ Model MFK 700, Sunmedica Fracture Kit 

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