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“I have been in the volunteer fire service for eighteen years and your Sager Splints have performed flawlessly every time I needed to apply one to a patient with a Femur fracture. … This summer we had to use the Sager on a young woman who had hit a tree in a full-sized pickup … We applied the splint in less than two minutes and transported her to the local hospital where the x-rays confirmed that the leg was fractured and that the Sager had reduced the fracture back to a normal position. … I think that every emergency response system should have this piece of equipment; its functionality is unsurpassed in the realm of emergency response and patient care. Once again thank you for this truly innovative equipment.

– Tom Coe, EMTII


SunMedica Inc, manufacturer of Sager Emergency Traction Splints®, has been committed to ensuring excellence in traction splinting and superior patient care for over 40 years. Our traction splints meet the needs of EMS specialists and patients worldwide.

Sunmedica’s dedication and commitment to excellence is ongoing.

  • Sager Traction Splints are  indicated in 93% of all femoral fractures (treats mid-shaft and proximal third fractures). As such, they have a much broader range of application and use than other traction splints.
  • From field to hospital: When applied, Sager Splint model SX404 is radiolucent to all areas of a femoral fracture. Radiolucent design enables X-Rays and Catscans to be taken without removing the splint.
  • Provide Quantifiable, Dynamic Traction: You always know how much traction you’ve applied. Traction decreases as spasm releases. You will always have the correct amount of safe, secure, traction.
  • Universal: treats adult or child (5th to 99th percentile of patients) and treats single or bilateral fractures (model S301 – single fractures only). Models SX404 and S304 have 4X the potential of other traction splints.

Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about Sager Emergency Traction Splints is now just a click away. We hope you too will join the growing list of Emergency Medical Professionals or a first responder who prefers Sager Emergency Traction Splints.

Sager is a registered trademark of SunMedica Inc, Redding, CA USA

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