Sager Emergency Traction Splints have been anatomically and medically engineered to provide superior countertraction and alignment. Sager Splints provide countertraction using the same form of mechanism as that seen in Hospital Operating Rooms. Orthopedic Operation tables have a central cushioned slightly L shaped part that provides countertraction against the ischial tuberosity medial to the shaft of the femur. This positioning allows the operating Orthopedic Surgeon to reduce and pin a fractured femur without adverse pressure against the femoral shaft. Sager Splints duplicate this by way of their multi-patented Articulating Base and Ischial Perineal Cushion and straight in-line traction.

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Sager Emergency Traction Splint

Consider the anatomy

Skeletal relationship

Ischial Perineal Cushion

Ischial Tuberosity

Does not impinge on genitalia