Model MFK 700

Spring has been a busy time for us here at Minto Research & Development! With the launching of our newly renovated website also comes the introduction of our newest splinting system the MFK 700 (MINTO Fracture Kit).

The compact MFK 700 weighs in at 2.8 lbs and has the capacity to splint all extremity fractures! Using a similar design to the SX405 SEFRS unit, the MFK can splint anything from a dislocated shoulder to a bent knee injury with its universal MAC hinge and padded splinting arms. With its compact, robust, and light-weight form, the MFK 700 is the perfect addition to your SAGER traction splint! The MFK eliminates the need for other board/cardboard/wire splints that take up space and create unnecessary clutter. Made of DuPont High Impact plastic and closed-cell foam, the Minto Fracture Kit is easy to maintain and will outlast the competition!

Sager Products Rebate Program

This year has also brought about many challenges for the EMS community mainly budgeting and economic conditions. To show our support during these tough times Minto R&D will be introducing a rebate program effective June 7th, 2010 to January 1st, 2011. SAGER products purchased between these dates are eligible to receive up to $45.00 USD cash back!