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Model SX405 Fracture Response System: Features and Benefits

Model SX405 Fracture Response System: Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of the SX405 Fracture response system

Note: Model SX405, Sager Emergency Fracture Response System (SEFRS) complete kit includes the SX405 Traction Splint and the SX405 Fracture Response System, as well as all accessories required for use. The features and benefits, assembly, as well as instructions for use of the two main components (the SX405 traction splint and the SX405 Fracture Response System (Adaptor™) are listed separately.

  • Super durable composite plastic construction — radio lucent design enables X-rays to be taken without removing the splint.
  • Universal; will treat any fracture. You always have the right equipment for any type of fracture, any size of patient.
  • Enables splinting in position found — no movement of fractures means less injury and pain.
  • Rapid assembly, rapid application — assembles in under 15 seconds, application on fracture in less than 2 minutes. Fast rescue, less pain.
  • Splints within the body silhouette — no protruberances outside of silhouette. Makes extrication from confined space of wreckage easier, less time consuming and with fewer complications.
  • Engineered for comfort and safety — splint padding consists of closed cell foam — does not absorb fluids, easily cleaned and decontaminated.
  • Wide range of Tensor Cravats — 3 widths, 16 lengths — ensures universal fit.
  • Cost effective immobilization — Tensor Cravats can be disposed or cleaned and reused.
  • Superior Performance — removable shoulder strap does double duty — can be used and applied as a sling for upper limb injuries or used as a convenient shoulder strap to carry compact case.
  • Secure cravat packaging allows instant size identification and application in wind and rain, saving time and confusion when selecting appropriate cravats for various applications.
  • Includes (Optional) Security Cravats: for use on small subset of patients who may be agitated, struggling, or uncooperative due to drug use or brain injury.
  • Floats! All components of SEFRS — with the exception of the SX405 AdaptorTM float — (the AdaptorTM floats when used in conjunction with main components).