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Model SX405 Fracture Response System: Assembly

Model SX405 Fracture Response System: Assembly

Attention: Read First Prior to Application

SEFRS unique design ensures virtually pain-free application. The SEFRS AdaptorTM is lightly placed and centered over the fracture site and the arms aligned with each side of the fracture. Make sure that the arms of the AdaptorTM are parallel to the bone not the muscle silhouette of the limb. The AdaptorTM is locked to retain the fracture configuration, then removed and attached to the padded splint shafts. SEFRS is an excellent device for extrication. When the splint is in place it remains within the silhouette of the injured limb; no extraneous parts to hang-up or impede when extricating patient.

Review the following 6 steps for assembly:


Step 1


Steps 2 4


Steps 5 and 6


Step 7 9


Steps 10 and 11