• Indicated for treatment in proximal third and mid-shaft femoral fractures. Has a much broader range of application and use than other traction devices.


  • From field to hospital: the SX404 when applied, is radio lucent to all areas of a femural fracture. Radio Lucent design enables Xrays, MRI and Catscans to be taken without removing the splint.
  • Compact, robust and light weight – easily stored or carried in most backpacks. Foldes into a 13.75” x 10.75” x 4.25” carry case.
  • Universal: fits adult or child (5th to 99th percentile of patients). One splint has the capacity to treat four different patient types.
  • Treats unilateral or bilateral fractures.
  • Rapid assembly: the SX404 unfolds and is ready to apply in under 15 seconds.
  • Straight in-line traction.
  • Quantifiable, Dynamic Traction™.
  • Stays within body silhouette.
  • Rapid one person application.