From field to hospital

When applied, the MFK is radiolucent to all areas of immobilization. Radiolucent design enables X-rays, MRI and CATSCANS to be taken without removing the splint.

Kit Case

Made of 1000 denier Cordura® with MOLLE attachments for easy field carry.


The Multi-Angle Connector, or MAC, allows the splint to be applied in any position. No movement of the fracture site means less injury and pain.

Weight and Size

2.8 lbs
12” x 7” x 5”


Made of DuPont® high impact plastic, the MAC has been tested in extreme heat and cold environments to ensure use in multiple environments. The MAC also has a load-bearing weight capacity of over 220 lbs! The universal fracture response capability of the MFK is attributable to the use of the MAC which is manipulated free of the patient and exactly simulates the disfigurement of the fracture. This is accomplished by holding and adjusting the device adjacent to the patient’s injury (above, beside, or below) to precisely mimic the shape and angle of the fracture or joint. Extrication of a patient is made easier with the MFK as the splint remains within the silhouette of the injured limb.


The MFK splint is secured to the patient by latex-free, adhesive-free, Breath-O-Prene® cravats in various lengths and widths. Breath-O-Prene® cravats are imbedded with SILVERtec®- nano crystals of silver chloride that create a bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic barrier, neutralizing the proliferation of bacteria. These odorless and non abrasive elasticized fabric mounted foam treated with SILVERtec® are breathable and wick away moisture by capillary action, making them cooler to wear in hotter environments.

Comprehensive Tensor Cravat System

Can be used to immobilize and compress, treat sprains, strains, contusions, flail chest wounds, clavicle fractures, provide slings, control sucking chest wounds, as well as temporarily compress pelvic fractures. Cravats are Velcro compatible.

The MFK Floats!

The MFK splinting pack is designed to meet the needs of the “Tactical Evaluation” stages of care. During ‘Tactical Field Care’, this light-weight pack provides Medics with the equipment they need to stabilize fractures in the field. Since evacuation time is highly variable and dependent upon the operation, reaching a treatment facility within the “Golden hour” is not always attainable. The MFK allows the Operator to stabilize fractures, joint injuries and dislocations on the spot.

The MFK is light enough to be attached to an already full payload and small enough to be stashed in aircraft and ground transportation without taking up excessive room