Imagine being able to treat 99% of all patients and 93% of the most common fracture types with one unique combination of traction splints! Could traction splinting really be this easy, this simple?

We’re happy to say that YES it can! Super Sager Combo Pac(s) enable just that – you can treat infants and children up to age six (6), and children and adults – age four (4) and up (5th to 99th percentile). Even better, Super Sager Combo Pac #2 enables you to treat bilateral fractures on infants, children and adults (6 times the potential of all Ischial Pad type traction splints). Traction splinting doesn’t get any better than this!

Super Sager/Combo Pac #1
features the S301 Form III Single and the S300 Infant Bilateral.

Super Sager/Combo Pac #2
features the S304 Form III Bilateral and the S300 Infant Bilateral. The adult/child and infant splints are contained in one forest green Sager Carry Case (the infant model is stored in a specially designed inside pocket).