Minto Research & Development, Inc. invites you to review the Sager web site for in-depth information about our product descriptions, features and benefits and value added services in providing training tools for use of the Sager emergency fracture response product line.

We introduce you to the SEFRS? Sager Emergency Fracture Response System, the only all fracture response system on the market today. SEFRS? includes the SX405 compact traction splint and the versatile SEFRS Adaptor?. This compact kit treats any limb fracture in the human body. Extrication is easy and splints fractures in position found.

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SEFRS? SX405 kits are shipped with a complete instructional booklet. To review the compete list of parts and accessories here. If you?ve lost your original booklet you can replace it here.

and complete line of Sager emergency fracture response products

Review the SEFRS? training video online, or if you want a copy of the DVD you can order it here.

Sager Emergency Traction Splints Corporate Video presented by Morely Safer.