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Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Instructions

Software Goods, Stainless Steel and AdaptorTM: “Manu-Klenz”1 (i.e.: Sodium Dodecylbenzine Sulfonate and Coconut Diethylthanolamide). Effective manual washing of heavily soiled washable surfaces, medical instruments, counters, glass and plastic surfaces.

Directions: 1 ounce Manu-Klenz to 1 gallon water.

Stainless Steel: 70% Alcohol solution or above instructions.

Foam Rubber, Shaft and Extender Pad: “Precise”2 Hospital Foam Cleanser/Disinfectant. (1, 2 or other comparable product).

AdaptorTM: DO NOT DISASSEMBLE ADAPTOR TO CLEAN! Immerse in cleaning solution. Blow dry with high pressure.


Each SX405 Sager Emergency Fracture Response System (SEFRSTM) has been tested and is guaranteed by Minto Research & Development, Inc. to be free of defects for a period of five years under normal usage.